Shito-Ryu is one of the four major styles of Japanese Karate practiced today. It was founded by the late master Kenwa Mabuni (1889-1952), who moved from Okinawa to Osaka in 1928, to teach karate.

Originally, Master Mabuni named his style “Hanko-Ryu” but then changed it to “Shito-Ryu” based on a combination of the kanji of his teachers Itosu and Higashionna. Master Mabuni developed an extensive repertoire of kata based on the teachings of Shur-te (Itosu) and Naha-te (Higaonna).

It also included kata of the white crane teachings of Gokenki. Shito-Ryu is also one of the few Japanese styles to maintain the practice of kobudo (Okinawan weaponry). Modern Shito-Ryu is characterized by fast, linear movement in kumite, and sharp, well-defined movement in kata. Shito-Ryu karate was developed around

...the Five Basic Principals of Defense "Uke no Gogensoku"..

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