Shito-Ryu Canada dojos teach karate of Master Fumio Demura.The director and chief instructor of Shito-Ryu Canada is Cameron Steuart, Roku-dan, whose dojo is located in Lloydminster, Alberta. Our organization consists of 18 dojos throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario with approximately 1000 members.

Shito-Ryu Canada has many senior instructors knowledgeable not only in karate, but other martial arts such as kobudo, Batto-do and Iai-do. Some dojos offer instruction in these various martial arts while some focus primarily upon karate.

Shito-Ryu Canada offers a wide variety of instructional opportunities to its members, including tournaments, seminars, and special training events. We also travel to international affiliated dojos, as well as tours to Japan.

Individuals interested in studying traditional Shito-Ryu karate as well as kobudo and Iaido are encouraged to visit one of our locations to see what the Shito-Ryu Canada has to offer. For further information, please e-mail us.

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